The AEO authorization balances the need for greater control over the safety of shipments with the need to facilitate legitimate trade by reducing the number of checks for shipments handled by reliable operators.

Article 5a of Regulation 648/2005 gives Member States the possibility of guaranteeing the status of AEO / AEO to the economic operator who complies with certain precise standards of: customs compliance, keeping of accounting records, financial solvency, compliance with standard standards in safety matter.

Once the AEO / AEO status is obtained, the economic operator can spend his authorization throughout the Community benefiting from the simplifications provided by the country where the customs operation is performed.


Isola Spa has been found to conform to the Quality Management System standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, issued by DNV BUSINESS ASSURANCE for trade of recycle paper for the paper industry.


AQSIQ is an important authorization issued by the People’s Republic of China for the importation, in Chinese territory, of waste paper and plastic waste. Isola was the first company in its sector to obtain this license.


This year, for the third time, Isola S.p.A. has obtained the “Rating 1” for its financial reliability from C Office D&B, a leading company in information and company valuations. This rating level is assigned to less than 6% of Italian companies and recognizes the highest level of reliability as a counterparty in B2B transactions.


Isola Spa is registered with the registration N ° FI20012 to the Register of Environmental Managers, including all those types of companies that carry out the activity of collection and transport of waste, the site remediation activity, the activity of reclamation of the goods containing asbestos and waste trading and brokerage without holding the waste.