UNI EN 643:2014
Group 3: High grades
Group 3 includes all those papers, poorly colored trimmings, archive, continuous forms, white paper and newspapers, of superior quality.
3.02 Mixed lightly coloured woodfree printer shavings

Mixed shavings of printing and writing papers, lightly coloured in the mass, containing a minimum of 90% of woodfree paper.

3.04 Tear white shavings

White woodfree lightly printed shavings without glue, free from wet-strength paper and paper coloured in the mass.

3.05.00 White woodfree letters

Sorted uncoated white woodfree printing and writing papers, printed, free from cash books, carbon paper and non-water soluble adhesives. May contain 5 % mechanical pulp-based paper.

3.07 White woodfree computer print-out

White woodfree computer print-out, free from carbonless paper and glue.

3.10.01 Medium printed multi printing

Medium and heavily printed woodfree coated papers in sheets or trim, free from wet-strength paper and from paper coloured in the mass.

3.16.00 White coated woodfree paper

Shavings and sheets of white unprinted wood-free coated paper without glue.