The Green city

With 9,000,00 tons of production of paper and cardboard per year, Lucca is the sole “polo cartario” (paper district) recognized at European level.

140 plants among corrugated containerboard and tissue papermills, 6,500 employees, 2,000,000 tons of paper and cardboard productions, 3.5 billion of turnover, headquarter of the major engineering companies for supplying technologies and services to the paper industries, make of Lucca the synonymous with Production and converting of Paper Tissue and Corrugated Cardboard.

The lucchese paper district holds the 80% of the domestic production of tissue with about 900,000 tons per year ( 17% of the European data) and with a value close to 40% of the domestic production of corrugated cardboard with about 1,000,000 tons per year (5% European data).

The paper industry export’s is around 700 million euros, making of Lucca one of the main actors among the provincial exporters. More than 80% of its exports is destinated to the European countries: France, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Austria are the main markets.