"Knowing your planet
is a step towards protecting it"
Jacques Yves Cousteau


The average amount of paper and cardboard that each Italian citizen collects for recycling each year
More paper is collected on average for recycling in Italy today compared to 20 years ago
of paper and cardboard packaging is sent for recycling


Isola S.p.A. was founded in 1989 in Lucca (Tuscany), the cradle of the Italian paper industry, inspired by the idea that the recovery of materials to reuse in manufacturing processes helps ensure a greener world for future generation. Today the company is made up of a young, qualified team that is passionate about what they do: trading recovered paper and reclaimed plastic. Over the years, Isola has reached important milestones thanks to its extensive knowledge about various types of paper and pulp, gained by tapping into an extensive sales network of partner collectors and paper mills operating in Italy, Europe and beyond.

The meticulous attention and dedication of our logistics department and back office make it possible for us to offer export consultancy services, supported by a network of global partners, to ensure personalized assistance while also identifying vulnerabilities and risks related to international trade in the industry. By constantly looking to and seeking out different markets, we ensure that our vision of the industry is international in scope, purchasing and selling raw materials for paper in Europe and beyond, without losing sight of our main focus: Italy


To be recognized internationally as a point of reference in the collection of recovered paper.


Day after day, we work to improve and protect the environment through the collection of recovered paper, raising the bar in terms of responsibility for the land around us.
Our daily goals include growing the business while ensuring the professionalism and quality of our services